Friday, November 14, 2014

Going Home Again

Thank goodness this flight isn't as long what I had on Tuesday!  And I've definitely been warmer even though its been colder - heat on demand really warms even a cold country up!

Didn't get everything I had expected to done on this trip.  Disappointing but I suppose that's life.  I'm learning to pick my battles and be willing and ok to lose some!  Ah - sweet resignation!

Got back to the airport early enough to grab something to eat.  Julie had been taking about how when they fly out if Minneapolis they have to grab her beloved chick fil a one last time before returning to a sad, cold, chick fil a-less country.  Decided I was going to head that way just in her memory - well, she's still with us so it was not "in her memory".   It was a little hike and I passed a Pei Wei and a couple other places that looked good, but I continued on because I was missing the Julie's.... And then I got there and got my chick fil a and it just made me feel close to them so....
Julie - I ate my chicken sandwich just for you!  But don't tell Eli:)

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