Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Way Out Yonder

On my way to Amarillo, TX - passing through Denver.  And so begins a different world.

Denver is an airport full of cowboy boots and huge hats - little boys clad with western wear headed to "steer ridin" competitions in "Junction Springs".  Old men in plaid with worn out ball caps sitting behind you chatting in sauntering tones about stabbing things in the neck and the taste of certain meats as opposed to others....
Excuse me while I put my headphones on.

And so two delightful days in Amarillo commence.  Not much different down there except for that the only meat you really eat is cow ... And if you can eat 72 oz of it in one sitting - you get the meat and a t-shirt for free!
Hold me back!

We land and immediately outside the gate we're presented with a large JW table with two big haired ladies holding a sign that says "Is Satan Real?"

My bags come out on the luggage belt surrounded by rifle cases while various men in camouflage strap their backpacks on and grab their gear and discuss heading out for the hunting championships.


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