Sunday, November 9, 2014

Saturday Has Come And Gone

Day 2 of foot massages.  From here on out - its as much and as often as I can get them!  Its unbelievable how long I've been in China and I've just not gone done to the little spa place to do foot massages like every night!  But here I am, last night being the second one.  I know I've talked about the intense and angry Russian massages I've gotten, but its nothing on the Chinese foot massage!  They're not angry, but I think they're out to prove how strong they are - they take the skin off you just by massaging!  But it feels amazing - lasts for an hour - and is pretty much dirty cheap.  SO - when in China.....!

Saturday was this day that just flitted by with a lot of "nothing" but exciting nothing that left me wondering at the end of the day - where did the time go?

Jasper is in a soccer - excuse me - football league and so he had this fall game thing today that was being held at the international school.  It was an absolutely beautiful do - sun was out, not freezing, absolutely pleasant so, there was no issue with going and standing in the sunshine watching a bunch of cute kids kicking around a soccer ball!

The international school was absolutely amazing.  It felt like we were in the states with the whole design and the feel of the building and the the huge fields for soccer and football and running tracks.  As I was told - "we" (as in all of you who are American) paid for the building.  Embassy and military kids can attend - I would be starting a rumor if I said for absolutely free as I'm not really sure.  But then, outside of them, if you want to attend the school its apparently extremely expensive - expensive as in BMW new car expensive to go.  Not sure how I'm feeling about that considering if my friends were in the states, whether they were military or embassy or not, their kids would be attending public school for free.  Now - any way you slice it, they're having to pay to educate their kids.  I did let Julie know that I would talk to "my people" when I get back home.... I just have to find out who those people are.... :)

In fact, I had been telling Julie that I've always thought that I'm going to run for President based on two MAJOR issues that I think everyone would at some level get on board with...
1 - The US highway system would turn into the Baltimore Turnpike which is there is one set of roads for cars and then other set is for trucks - if you're a normal person... no more driving with a semi on your back or trying to push you over or just not looking as they merge over.  DONE!  TWO ROADS FOR EVERYONE!

2 - Spread the holidays out.  I'm moving Christmas!  We start into winter and then we have wonderful Thanksgiving and not even a month later we have warm and happy Christmas and then a week later we have not one, but two festive days in New Years Eve and New Years Day!  And then after that - its just bleak winter for like 4 more months with no great holidays but silly ones like Valentines Day that so many of us sad and lonely people never get to celebrate anyways (very biased if you ask me).  I say - lets do Thanksgiving, then the New Years holidays and then we'll just cancel silly Cupid and move Christmas to like mid or end of February so then it breaks up our horrid and depressingly dark months with something good to anticipate!  Everyone I've put this idea to liked it!  It could be an American thing!

And the newest thing I'm adding to my campaign platform, is for all those internationals out there... Thanks to Julie's suggestion!
3 - All Americans, no matter where you live, no matter who you are - if there is an American based school and if you pay taxes to the US.... you get free eduction!  Seriously - give us a break!  Actually - give THEM a break!  This one's for you Zach and Julie - hopefully I make it in before your kids are completely finished with school!

There were different ages of kids that played and so they were divided up throughout the day into those groups.  They did some warm up practices to begin with..... Look how adorable that little blonde headed soccer champion is! :)....  He looks like a little seal, he's so talented!

They then proceeded to be divided up into further groups and then 4 teams in each group.  They then played their little hearts out!

While all the adults stood on the sidelines cheering -and talking.  The sun was so enjoyable, you could do anything and find it pleasant!

Run Jasper Run!  By the way - don't cheer for that orange team... they were not very good sports.  They called my Jasper and his friends "suckers" - even though they're Asian and they way they used the word, I don't think they really know what it means....

And the award ceremony - those things are dog gone heavy!  I know its not real gold, but it sure felt like it!

Its "football" because its run by the British - but we all know what its really called! :)

And after the game, we went over to where Jenny's is and Julie and I got to enjoy some amazing Indian food - because when in China.... 

Puppies for sale outside of Jenny's... They're "sooo cute!" to quote Jasper
And as soon as we got home, we went to dinner... ugh - so full still from Indian, but Hot Pot is an adventure not to be missed!  Especially when shared with 6 children and 5 adults!  Hot Pot is kind of like The Melting Pot - but Asian.  You put in meat and veggies and all but theres a sauce bar where you go up and mix the sauces that you want that you put all the hot pot stuff in.

And no hot pot adventure would be complete without "Noodle Guy"!

A good evening was had by all - especially the quick and hungry ones!

And foot massage for Alison followed meal so - an especially good evening was had by me!!!!

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