Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Repeated Christmas Greeting!

I'm taking the time at the end of a long day of presents and cooking and family and friends to remind everyone about what they all already know - the cliche saying of the season..... Jesus is the reason for the season.  And I give this reminder because I've been reconsidering this today.

Between cubing potatoes and steaming green beans and baking apple pies - I've been reading John Eldredge's "Desire" which was a glorious gift from Kim.  An amazing reminder of how God gave us desires and wants us to use them - and wants us to include him in them!  Nothing is off limits, just as long as its funneled through our full desire for God.  And the only way we can know God is through His gift to us, Jesus.  And that desire is even so much better than any desire that we have of our flesh.  We've been content to be satisfied with the basic desires that we call what our heart wants.  We let our flesh dictate what fulfills us when our God is there waiting to actually fulfill us.

And this reminded me of the Stories From A Snapshot post that I did last year...
And so I decided to recycle it....
If only we waited all of our life to see Jesus and then saw Him and thought "All I have wanted is now finished"

Praying that you all will see Jesus and be reminded that He is our true fullness and that our desires are complete in him.
Enjoy my reminiscent post from a Christmas long ago!


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