Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I Forgot My Swimsuit!!!

No - it's not the time!  It's not the ESPN radio station that was on (which was not mine!)!  It's the temperature!  The beautiful beautiful 39F!  I literally didnt put my coat on now when I just walked out to the plane.  And I felt wonderful!!!  It's apparently some horrid degree below zero back in the frozen tundra where I've been all week.  And I think I'm going back to like 11!  So 39 is glorious!

Morning was good - well - for me, not for the manager we were working with.  There were 4 of us that were brought in by her superiors in order to pick apart everything she does because she's pretty inept.  I deciphered, from talking to her that she's a great tech, but not a manager.  She was hired without managerial experience, though, so I fault the hospital as well for not helping to equip her to do a management position.  But now, she's on the defense rather than working with us to fix the problems. I feel badly for her, but her future doesn't look very bright.  I just told the other three that I'm designating myself "good cop" because I did see a lot of positive things she's doing:). I don't like "bad cop"... Not my forte... And I think those three definitely have "bad cop" covered in the power and scope department of the department.  Why shout her while she's in the water, right?

Speaking of water (at least in the next paragraph..:)) I was working with two guys that I have a history with.  Fitz and I have worked together for 15 years.  Ron and I, like 5.  The other guys are new.  So Fitz, Ron and John are all these huge black guys, ex military so they're those buff, bulging guys- tall too.  The other John was a short, very bulky white guy (I'm talking bulky, couldn't fit into scrubs - like probably 250 or more and not even as tall as me).  So we all go out for a late lunch - kind of hilarious!  They couldn't even find a table that would fit all four of them and then they just wedged teeny tiny me (who felt extremely teeny tiny in their midst) wherever they could fit me.  I felt like super duper petite and I was eating off the corner of the table in some random chair they had pulled over. 

I have to say - 3 black guys can be hysterical!   They were talking about things you'd never see black people do - I honestly had never thought of or heard what they were talking about - but they all agreed it was true.  Apparently black people are not water lovers... I was told "have you ever seen a black person surfing?  If you're at the beach, do you see black people swimming?"  And here's the funny thing that I had to question, the one guy who was saying all this - guess what branch of the military he was with.... Yep - the navy!  I questioned that and apparently he had believed there was some land service he would be doing with them (he was on a carrier during his whole service time).  I've seriously not laughed so hard in a long long time... And - after questioning white John - I really don't think white people have a "thing" like black people do?  Correct me if I'm wrong....?

I'm back at the airport now and thanks to a delayed flight, I'm actually getting out about 2 hours earlier!  Yay!!!!

I'M GOING HOME!!!!!!!!!  Three of the most beautiful words ever spoken!  I have to repeat them again!


And here I am home - my wonderful Lake all ice encrusted and bordered with a nice rim of snow.... 11 degrees.  
I'm home...

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