Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Forbidden City - At Long Last!

It was a request that I post pictures of the Forbidden City.  I actually never posted anything from when I worked in China as for some reason the picts wouldn't upload.  So without further ado - I'm posting picts of Tieneman Square, The Forbidden City and The Olympic Park in Beijing!

TIENEMEN SQUARE - IT SAYS "WELCOME TO CHINA!  WE'RE GLAD YOU'RE HERE!  LOL!" in the Chinese letters :)  That was what my translator told me and I have no reason to believe that she would be lying! :)

The Forbidden City.  It was HUGE.  We kept on walking into one massive new section after another.  The king's office, the king's temple, the king's sleeping chambers.... Ah - we walked and walked and walked - it took about an hour and a half to walk through the whole thing and we didn't really stop that much or that long!  Its incredible to think that they still used it up until the 1960s or so.  No, its just full of tourists, most of them Asian and many of them who stop a westerner and ask if they can have their picture taken with her :)  Weird, right? :)

The Olympic Torches at the Olympic Park

In front of the main sports stadium

The Olympic Stadium, aka "The Bird's Nest"

The Olympic pool

And this is where I worked - the PLA # 306 :)  Its the Peoples Liberation Army Hospital # 306.  A military hospital in downtown Beijing.

This is the director of the department we worked in.  She's like a 4 start colonel in the Chinese army, one of three in the whole country so it was apparently a great honor for me to meet her, from what I was told!  She was actually extremely kind and gracious so it was a pleasure working with her!

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