Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Totally Just Like God

I have no clue how I made it through today except for God (and I'm hoping he actually sees me through to my hotel bed tonight because in still not there...).

Yesterday I was supposed to bring a set of washers up on a trial but the technician who was supposed to help misunderstood and was actually in Duluth rather than the cities.  So - the 1 hour, 30 min jaunt in the freezing cold, blowing snow conditions from Rochester all proved in vain and I reboarded the Champagne-mobile (I had to use moms car this week and she has a box with moscato and champagne in the back and it got so cold that it exploded :(- I got back in the car from AZ and it smelled like funky, yeasty, old baked goods - I finally found and figured out what it was... It's a nasty smell!) and headed back to Rochester.  And again today I trekked back up.  We were supposed to meet at 8:30, hook up and then I'd had another call from the other side of the cities that I needed to catch on the way out at 11.  It was all planned.

First of all -I made it safely to the cities in snowy, freezing weather two days in a row.  Thank you God!  Especially as there are some pretty nutty drivers in MN who forget about snow the 2 months they don't have it.

Second- I was actually on time both days so I looked saintly and the manager was in love with me because I played the part of the martyr well when I was standing there patiently waiting:)

So - he stood us up Monday and I had to stay overnight again.  Today, he was supposed to be there at 8:30.  9:45 he finally comes in.  I was so mad inside but I smiled and took it because I'd rather have an ally than an enemy:). Then we start priming the washers and he discovers 3 pumps that aren't working so he has to go all the way out to his van to get the parts and then he has to put them on.  Tick tick...

By this time I had to call my other account to say I wasn't going to make it - they were exceptionally understanding.  

I really didn't think my product would work at the settings the previous product was at.  I was dreading testing because I envisioned it taking forever.  We finally got both washers up and running cycles. The tech and I stood there and chatted for the hour it took - and btw - my anger at him disapated quickly as he was the nicest guy ever and an ex marine.  How can you not forgive an ex marine with his yes ma'ams ... 

The washers stopped and I was terrified - but we completely passed!  Beautifully passed!  Amazingly passed!  It was a total God thing because I really don't see how the pass happened!  But Ill take it!

And now here's the fierce part.  I'm supposed to be in Baltimore tomorrow - my flight out tonight was from Milwaukee at 5:39 connecting through Chicago at 7:30 to Baltimore ($500 cheaper to do it that way!).  I knew in the morning there was no way I'd make Milwaukee so I called and they actually let me change the flight direct from Chicago... GOD!  And then I HAD to leave U of MN by noon to get to Chicago by 7:30.  I wasn't able to get out of the dept until 12:30 and then I went to get my car from valet... 30 minute wait.  WAH!  I didn't leave the cities until 1.

Yes, you know me as lead-foot (but as Debbie says "all the Behns have lead feet" so I will not take the honor alone) and fly indeed I did!  No police on the way - no traffic... I could say God, but I don't know if he'd want to take the claim on me not getting pulled over???... And then, even better, I got a call from United saying that the aircraft coming in was delayed so the flight was delayed... Yay!!!! God thing!!!!

Oh - and then I had thrown my IPass in my stuff before I left home the week before.  As I'm driving and getting close to the first toll I started to panic because I had NO clue where my IPass was.  I'm driving, I reached behind me and just grabbed a bag - any old bag - and as I'm praying, I put my hand in this random bag and - guess what I put my hand on.  Right on my IPass!  And its the new one so its a tiny one as opposed to that big old thing most people have.  That was totally a God thing!  I couldn't say thank you enough as I really didn't want to take the time to pull over and get out in the cold and search through all my bags.... Yay God!

I'm now standing at my gate -yay!  And I even got upgraded to first class!  Yay!!!

I don't get to Baltimore until 11 but - ill be so happy to get there!:)
Thank you God for getting me through not only another day but a day like today!!!

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