Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's Freezing?!!

I'm just coming back to Minneapolis from Phoenix this morning.  I've been in AZ since Thursday and, relatively speaking - it was freezing!!!:). The evenings were like 50 which in desert speak is pretty dog gone chilly.  

Friday afternoon I hiked good old Camelback, Cholla Trail, with my good friend Kim who came out on a whim.  It was 50s but the sun was out so it was good.  We got to the top and the day was clear and bright and there was even a Christmas tree to welcome us!
 And now I'm headed back to -8 in the chilly Cities and a weekend of working......:( I have a pump install I'm doing at an account there and then I have to stay over for Monday to finish up at another account.

But, I enjoyed two days in the "freezing" southwest of AZ!

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