Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year - New Stuff!

I'm going back to my fave blog... my Stories blog.  The one that I so exuberantly began in 2012 and then sadly abandoned in 2013.  I'm sorry, Stories.  I'm sorry for not releasing my creative inward being and for freeing my pictures to the world.  I'm sorry for not creating and for not composing.  And to those three of you who actually read and appreciated what I wrote, well, I suppose I'm sorry to you too!

But no more -- its 2014 (well almost) and I'm mending my ways and retrieving my ambition to amphiboly! (take that Webster!)

I'm going to switch things up though and hopefully this will work better for me.  Instead of posting every Friday now, I'm going to attempt to post on Mondays as it gives me the weekend to create and post.  I'm starting today - before the new year even begins.  And just to reiterate the "rules" - its one picture, ten sentences, one post, once every Monday.  So...

Happy New Year and enjoy the first post.

Oh - and I know that I never really expounded on where each picture was from so I figured I should start doing that as well....  I'm going to start posting something at the bottom of each story....Once again,  release your imaginations :)

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