Friday, December 13, 2013

Cultured Week

Thursday night, Kim got tickets for a Chicago Civic Orchestra practice session.  The reason why she got the tickets?... Her beloved Yo Yo Ma was performing with them and where Yo Yo is - there Kim is - and because Kim is there, Alison is usually there as well:). What are friends for - to not go to concerts alone?...

The "performance" was at Senn high school which is a neighborhood high school in the Edgewater area of Chicago.  It's one of those high schools where they take underperforming kids and bring their scores up.  So they have Yo Yo come in once a year to do a special class with the students and he's like the chair of the Civic Orchestra so they come along with him.

In April the Civic O is playing Don Quixote at the CSO so that's what they were practicing and Yo Yo was playing the part of the Don.

It was a pretty interesting and definitely relaxed evening listening to him.  They explained a lot about what was happening in the music and they made it pretty interactive.  All in all, for free tickets -it was pretty fabulous!

Friday night I have Gabby (cousins) Nutcracker Suite performance in Kankakee.  I guess it's my week for culture!

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