Sunday, October 11, 2015

Day One Begins

Today isn't a really FEK day but it is our day that we kind of start thinking Hugarian.

It started with a walk down the street to church at Golgotta.

We worshipped with them...

And then met Flora and Atti and went to lunch at this awesome place that I love called Hummus Bar.

We then discussed how we were going to get 18 bags from our hotel to our apartment.... And Atti was generous enough to volunteer to drive all of them over. 

Flora and all of us women just walked around for a little while until we found it time to head to the apartment.

And part of our meandering was stopping in at a favorite strudel place of mine:)

And then back to the apartment where we found all of our bags waiting...

And then this evening I made barbequed chicken and Mac and cheese and we had Gabor and Caitlin and Csaba over to talk about the ministry and Hungary!  It was a great evening!

Tomorrow we start classes so pray we have all the time we need for everything.  We have the Beattys over tomorrow and we pass over all of the refugee goods!

Night night from Budapest!

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