Monday, October 12, 2015

Team Renegade - Day Two!

We've come up with a name as of tonight .... Because we came on our own after they cancelled the trip ... We're called the Renegades! :)

This is the day we started high school English classrooms.  Leslie, carlen and I were at an all boys high school.  We did a total of about five classes.  Your brain kind of goes jelly after about the first two...

Carlene and I then left earlier so we could  start dinner because we were having the Beattys over dinner and we had to arrange all the bags with refugee stuff.
Oh and we had to go over to my friend Jodis to get thanksgiving stuff that I leave every year.

The rest of the group came home a little later and then bagged up crayons that were donated from Chillis and o Charley's for refugees.

David and Yulia Beatty are missionaries who are with the regional office with CRU - they work in Eastern Europe so Russian and all the countries around Hungary.  David used to be in Albania and Yulia is from Belaruse.  They are amazing people with huge hearts!  They work full time with CRU but have been doing a lot of volunteer work with the refugees.  These bags will go this weekend probably to a camp probably on the border of Hungary and Austria.  We had dinner and just listened to stories and to news reports about the refugee situation and fellowshipped and then helped them load bags and prayed with them.  Amazing people!!! New amazing friends that I feel particularly blessed to have met!  Thank you Julie!!!!

And here are....
The Renegades!:)

Off to another nights sleep!!!  Prayerfully!:)

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