Friday, October 16, 2015

Please Don't Let Me Get Hungarian Fungus...And More Rain - Day Six

Today was a little bit about us:)... It's actually been a longer, tougher week then normal BHHP week because we've been doing full on classrooms and then coming home and serving in one way or another.  It's been something we wanted to and came to do but by Thursday you're exhausted!

Something that I've always wanted to do and never have is go to one of the Baths.  Budapest is built on thermal springs and they've used these springs since the 1500 for medicinal purposes so these mineral baths are supposed to be healing.  I've wanted to check them out, so we chose one I've looked at for years, Szecheny Baths.  

It would be totally relaxing if I knew what I was doing but - no clue.  You have to change in these common areas - totally awkward as you try to avoid the common rooms with 50 old, naked Hungarian women chattering.  You change into your swimsuit and have to walk outside and try to figure out where everything is.  You finally find a door that leads you into a plethora of pools in different rooms.  Some cold some steaming, some bug some small.  And you just walk around from room to room and - if you don't have flip flops (mine forgot to get into my bag:). You walk around with this fear of catching some international foot fungus:(.    

This is right when you walk outiside - some of the pools were being repsaired.

This is the outside of where there are about 30 various pools inside, sauna rooms and massage rooms.  Next time I get a massage too:)

This is the outside hot pool which was amazing!!!

This is he very front of Szecheny.

After the baths we met Flora and took her to lunch.  We just wanted to treat her and listen to her and hang out with her.  

We then went to the high school outreach which they did a game with the new movie The Maze.  We helped with that for a while.

Around 8 pm we left and then Carlene and I left and went shopping for tomorrow night.  We're doing a pampering night for the staff members.  We're praying that we can minister to the women of FEK!

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