Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thanksgiving 1- Day Three!

Today was staff Thanksgiving Day!

Leslie and I stayed behind to shop and make food!  We made breakfast and then after everyone had gone we did few things around the apartment and then went down and hopped on the tram and went across the river to the market.  I asked Jodi if we needed a receipt to pick up the turkey and she said "oh no, he knows you!"  And I felt this little rush of warmth!:)

So off we went to the market..

Where we packed Leslie's suitcase with vegetables...

And then headed to the butcher...

And bought out 27 pound turkey!
Yes!  27 pounds!  He didn't have a big enough one for us last year so he made up for it this year with a monster turkey!

And whack!  Off came the head!

And into my suitcase it went!
And off WE went!
So much to do for thanksgiving preparations!

We got home and found that we didn't have a pot big enough for the potatos so while a pie was baking I ran to...

The pot store!

Yes it was basically all pots that the store carried!

And when I got home ..  It's was big time to try and squish that bird into the oven! The very tiny oven like they have here in Europe!  Especially tiny compared to this monster 28 lb bird!!!

We couldn't keep it on the rack it was so big!  And I slightly think it dented the bottom of the oven!  And sad to say we put the bird on the wrong side so we didn't completely cook it long enough!  We were microwaving as much if it as we could so - pray we don't give our Hungarian friends the gift of bochalism! was impressive looking though!

The rest of the group came home and helped with everything else.  So by the time people started coming at 5 pm we were well on our way to being done!

We had about 20-21 staff members and we were so happy to share a meal and a special holiday in advance with them!

It was another great staff night and were praying that we did indeed bless them and make them feel supported and loved!

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