Friday, October 16, 2015

Exciting Day! - Day Five

Today was a completely exciting day for me!  For all of our team!

Another high school in the morning - actually right across from Corvinus, the university I work at every year and that I'm very fond of so being there and seeing it made me very happy!

The high school it was a Christian school funded by the Hungarian Presbyterian Church.  There were students there from Budapest but there were several that lived outside the city and so they lived in a dorm by the school.  We were all together as a group - there were usually 15 students and 6 of us so they got one on one attention!

I left early to meet with a friend of mine who went to Moody for a semester and then came back to Budapest last year.  On the way to meet I stopped at the Covered Market.

I wanted to get a Langos and a strudel from there because it's so yummy!

And Mark and Jayne... To tempt you for another year...

Fanny and I met and had a great time catching up!

And then I got back to the apartment and we got ready to go on an exciting adventure!  For years now I've wanted to do a culture night to see Hungarian dancing and music.  So Leslie and I booked a special event where they came and picked us up and took us outside the city to this little Hungarian restaurant/show place where we walked in the door and they gave us traditional Palinka!  Kick it back before the meal and your throat feels like it's melting but it supposedly helps your food digest better!


We then went to tables where we were served pots of guyas (goulash soup) while we listened to a gypsy band play.

We were served more food...

And then the nations Hungarian dancers performed.... Amazing and so much fun!

And the gypsy band played some more - they were amazing and the guy in the dulcimer kind of thing was so awesome that they could blindfold him and he still could do amazing things!

And then the most fun time came when they came around and had participants in the audience..
Carlene got that wine bottle on her head...

And Woody got pulled up to dance - I think we laughed ourselves silly on that one but he was such a good sport!  Even when his shoe lace came untied and he was told to tie it!:)

An absolutely fun time!  We got confusion before - we we waited in a hotel lobby for over an hour waiting for the bus to pick us up and then were told we didn't see you and they had to come back for and I was so upset but - it all worked out and we were happy campers!

We came back to the flat and slept so soundly that I don't think any of us even woke up at all!

Such a great day with students and just getting to know our group better!

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