Monday, October 19, 2015

Quick Post - Day Seven And Eight

It's been a crazy past few days but I'll share

We had an extremely successful pampering night for the ladies if FEK university ministry team.  We just wanted to love on and encourage them and from what was said and shared, God used us to do this!

And this morning was a great message at Danube Church on Acts 28 and then a quick lunch after with David and Yulia one more time then home to start he turkey for Thanksgiving two!

I was the brave one with my hand up turkeys rear and pulling out the severed head and pulling off remaining feathers!  It's extremely intriguing and earthy... And very gross all at the same time... It wasn't as big as Tuesday night but it was only a kilogram or two less so - not as big is all relative.

We had about 14 girls over to celebrate with us and it was such a blessing to hear everyone share what they were thankful for this year!

Flora and I enjoying the view of the city on our living room wall one more time before we had to say goodbye (hopefully until next spring when they come to the states again).

Tomorrow we head to Croatia!!! Ioana got in from Romania safely and now were praying we give her a relaxing and great week of vacation fellowship and thar we have good weather!

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