Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Today was another day with our team in high school.  It was a different "public" high school today - this one is supposed to be the best high school in Budapest.

Its actually kind of neat now because I've been here enough that I know the "program" and how to do things so I'm seeing that they ask me to take a bigger part in things and thats kind of exciting to me - I enjoy that challenge.  Its always fun to go through trivia and things with the students and then to break off in the small groups and ask them questions and what their thoughts are.

We did a total of 5 classrooms today and we're back in classrooms again on Thursday and Friday.  We always introduce the Speak Out camp in the summer and their FEK meetings on Friday evening (this week is a special "improv" event which is hilarious) and then we'll usually announce a meeting place that day so if they want to continue to talk with us they can come down and meet us.  Its always a great opportunity to ask more questions and present our faith.

I separated from my group a little early and went down to meet with Hajni and Zsu again for lunch.  We had a great conversation and its nice not feeling like I have to say goodbye yet because I still have more time.  They ended up taking me to one of their favorite restaurants and I couldn't help myself - had to snap a picture and tell them that the place is named after my dog :)

In the evening, we met back at the AfriCafe for the weekly university meeting.

Here's the amazing thing to me.... My first year in 2007 I remember our weekly meeting, we probably had about 40 - 50 students at it -- and that was even with the whole event advertised and that if they came and filled out some info, they could win an IPod shuffle.  The next year, we did the shuffle and there were probably about 70 - 80 people.  Time progresses and each year it grows and now, they don't even raffle off the shuffle and tonight they had 220 university students who came to the event.  As usual, the gospel is always presented and the students seem to always come back. Whether they believe or not, they see a group of people who really care about them and they love that.  And I think thats an amazing God thing!

I invited a few other girls for Thanksgiving tonight and I'm starting to panic a little.... I have to organize myself on Saturday and Sunday so I can figure whats going on and be ready to go on Monday.  I also still need to prepare what I'm going to say about Darlene and I need to be praying a bit more about that.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers and support and encouragement as it means a lot - nothing will happen without God's hand!  Thank you!

One last picture of Vaci Utca -- I love that street!  I know its the "tourist" area and all, but its just so pleasant and pretty there!  You just stroll and enjoy!

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