Saturday, October 22, 2011

Its Weird, But Some Of My Favorite Picts

I know its a little touched, but some of my favorite picts from Venice were the cemetary.  But to be fair, I love old headstones.  

This section of the cemetary must have been for diplomats and foreigners.  Its kind of interesting how a lot of them have to do with the ocean as well - ships and schools and such.  

I found this one above to be interesting - its basically a memorial for this woman's husband.... At least thats what I kind of got out of it.

I loved this headstone - what it says.  I love the headstones that have a story on it and tell you who that person was.  I wish we could still put as much on ours.  I love the line "but breaking our narrow prayers by His broad loving will".... I love that!  It says just what it needs to - sometimes we pray for things that we think would be the best, but God has a better plan for us even though sometimes that plan hurts.  I love what this headstone says about Emma and her family.
I took me a while to get what this picture was about - its a physician, but I can't figure out if its saying this guy was a physician or if it was like Jesus, "the great Physician".  Either way - its kind of cool.

I'll post some more pictures from the trip a little later, and I promise, they won't be cemetary pictures.... :)

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Karl said...

really interesting pictures - thanks!