Thursday, October 20, 2011

Finishing Italy

 Couldn't figure out who these guys were but everyone stopped to watch.  They were either gondoliers in training or gondoliers in retirement -- I seem to think the latter....
 I'd been wanting to get over here all week.  Its St Marys which is across from St Marks.  

 St Marks
 St Marys

 Glass at a glasswork shop near St Marys

 Pizza Italian style!  Just a slice, but its a lunch!
 So sad - we found this pastry shop right around the corner from our apartment, but we found it too late... :(  We stopped there our last morning because we looked in the window and saw people standing by the counters drinking coffees and eating delicious things.  I caved and we went in and I got the most amazing donutty thing ever!  The sign on it said "cremeara" and it looked just like the "marmallata" thing in the above picture.  We walked away eating our delicious delights and I discovered how amazing it was and when we came back in the afternoon, I stopped in the shop to get another - AND THEY WERE GONE!  Help!  I was so so sad!
 Laundry Italian style!
 On our last day, our flight didn't leave until about 7 in the evening so we rented a little car and drove about an hour to Verona from Venice.

 We arrive at the Capulets house...  :)  

 Juliet's balcony

 Apparently, if you rub Juliet's right booby, it brings you good luck...  

 The Roman Colusieum in the town center.

 I found the cremeara thing!  It wasn't as yummy or fresh as the one in Venice.  That one was so warm and fresh and creamy.  Yummy!

 I thought this was adorable - this little girl has that scarf wrapped around her neck - so Italian.  And you can't see it, but she's eating a gelato.  SO Italian!

 Our Micro

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