Sunday, October 16, 2011

Even More Beautiful - Burano

Another island off of Venice is called Burano.  Burano is known for its lacemaking - again, hundreds of years.  But, the town itself is just beautifully unique - I think this was our favorite place!

 Can you see why this was one of our favorite places!
 More gelato -- I got nutella (YUM YUM YUM!)

 The church tower is the leaning tower of Burano... Its incredibly crooked!  Again - scary place to live if your church tower is leaning....

 Yummy pastries
 Giant Nutella!
 The view of Venice from Burano

 One of the Burano lace shops

 Torcello is another even smaller, older island right across from Burano.  There really aren't that many houses or anything on the island, but it has the oldest church of all the islands (including Venice).  It was the first populated island in the lagoon area.  The church is from the 5th century.

 Back home in Venice on the Rialto Bridge

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Karl said...

that last picture taken at night is my favorite!