Sunday, October 16, 2011

What An Hour On A Vaparetto Will Get You - Or - Next Stop, MURANO!

The courtyard of our apartment which was near the Rialto Bridge

San Marco - or St Marks:) - the plaza with the Doge's Palace
Vaparatto stop....

San Marco Plaza

A word of warning - Venice is CRAZY busy -- and this is supposed to be one of the "slower" seasons.

Waiting for the ferry to Murano - one of the islands off of Venice which is known for its glassworks since about 500 years ago.

Looking towards the island of Murano and their reknown lighthouse.  

We had actually been looking across the water from Venice to this patch of land with a big brick fence around it.  On the way over to Murano, Flora and I were chatting (ok, I was doing the chatting) about where they bury their dead people in Venice.  Among all the stops we made, we came to one called "Cemeteria" and in a moment of curiousity, I made Flora get off...  I think it was one of our best stops! As it was so calm and peaceful and actually beautiful at this huge cematary island.

This would make me think a little about living in Venice.  All over the cemetary, there were headstones and graves just falling into the earth.  A little scary...

Leaving Cemetaria stop
 On Murano at one of the glassworks showrooms.

 Yummy - bruschetta Italian style!

 EEveryone needs their packages... they just get them in different ways!

There were glass sculptures all over the islands - this was definitely one of the most interesting!

 We loved Murano as it was definitely the most peaceful place that we had been since in Venice.  We stayed a little later and walked out a little farther and found that the crowds just dissipated and we ended up walking with the locals as they all went home for the evening.

This was our first gelato in Italy - I had a panna cota and Flora had melon.  I love mine!

 Back in Venice at the end of the day.
 St Marks plaza...
Looking towards St Marys

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Pat said...

Looking at all those gravestones falling over, I would guess there's alot of earthquake activity since those stones aren't so old--the one I looked at was from the 1800s. Along those same lines, I don't think I would choose to live near the leaning tower of that church, either!