Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tests And Cupcakes

Another work day downtown - 7 hours of running washer verification tests and running back and forth between 3 sites.  Long day, but good day.  I really love this account because they're so nice!

We had planned as a family to get together that evening and so I figured I'd Yelp! and find something to bring for dessert.  What did I find, but within a few blocks of the hospital, they had put a Sprinkles cupcakes in!  I was so excited I placed a cupcake order on line to pick up after I finished up at the hospital.  

And here they are!  I got plain vanilla, cinnamon sugar (they actually did have frosting, just dipped in cinnamon sugar), black and white, chocolate, apple cinnamon, pumpkin, lemon coconut, and chocolate marshmallow.  The ones that I tried were all pretty good, I think I still like my chocolate better :)  The only one combination I'm interested in tweaking is the chocolate marshmallow one.  I was actually planning on trying a pumpkin cupcake, I just need to look at putting together a recipe.

I think tomorrow afternoon I'm going to play around and find a pumpkin recipe so I have some Halloween goodies to bring in to the office - I always feel so rewarded when they all ooo and ahhh :)!

Oh - just a little blog update - I'm sitting here on a Saturday afternoon blogging and flipping around tv.... The new Amityville Horror is on, the one with Ryan Reynolds, as they're driving from the hospital in one scene they're driving through their town -- ITS TOTALLY ANTIOCH!  You can see the Main Street.  Now that I see that I remember hearing that they filmed around here - I think the house was up in Salem, WI somewhere.  Its just weird seeing Antioch on tv.....  The movie itself is getting pretty creepy so I'm getting ready to turn it off and head outside to put some stuff away for winter.

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Pat said...

Two things: The cupcakes were YUM, but you could totally bury them if you wanted to AND yes, they did film that movie here. There was one scene right at the corner of Grass Lake and 83 when that dealership used to be a junkyard--and Val and I used to ride past that house in Wisconsin. Never saw the movie. I think I want to just to see the scenes you're describing.