Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Subjects

Its now Saturday evening and I've had a day of cleaning up and "winterizing" things in the yard.  Still have some more to do.  Also did some frolicking and running with Cal-Mal to the DP and Petsmart and all the places that make his ears perk up.

This evening brought a bath for the foul smelling, gooped up boy.... He's never thrilled with that four letter word.... B-A-T-H.  His tail tucks like I beat him and he tries to inconspiculously slink away and find a hiding place.  Doesn't work - I can usually smell him :)

Now, I'm sitting here jumping around on recipe blogs to find some intriguing cupcakes to make for work on Monday, Halloween.  I'm thinking I want to try a good pumpkin cupcake recipe, but then later in the week I think I want to do S'mores - I have a really cool idea that I'm going to work on.  It seems that I'm home for the week - I may go to Philly towards the end, but not sure.  In the meantime, I have a little time to work on some recipes.

So, here's a share - a blog that I follow, that I've referred to before, The Kat Eye View of the World, has been transferred to a really cool website, Kat's Studio.  If you like photography, you have to check out Kat's site!  Its pretty cool!  FYI, Karl and Kim,  Kat just moved back to the US from Italy - she's in Eugene, OR and so she posts the west coast pictures once in a while.  Anyways - check out her site, she's got some great pictures!

So, as autumn progresses and as I hole up inside searching websites for cupcake recipes I say "Hello winter, I'm ready to put on that extra-cold-padding that the winter brings -- especially for someone obsessed with making cupcakes!" :(


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