Monday, April 21, 2014

And I'm Gone Again

Try to guess where I just landed.... Crazy - it could be anywhere.  I've found a good portion of the US looks like this!

So if your interest has now been peaked... Nashville!

I'm here for a sales meeting/vendor fair.  It's a western theme and I was informed before I left for my cruise that we were supposed to dress western appropriate.  Like I have ANY western wear.  So after booth set up I'm going to mosey (I can use western vocabulary!  Wonder if that counts?) around the downtown to see if I can wrangle up something western looking.  

I do get to meet up with a friend for dinner.  They just moved down this way the beginning of the year.  I also get to have dinner with my cousin Isaiah.  Haven't seen him in a long while so it will be good to catch up.

We're just deplaning  - it's back to work for me after a week of blissful nothing....

An aside - I'm very disappointed that our hotel for 3 nights is not a Marriott chain (lose those points - sad).  BUT - Its the Omni Hotel right downtown and its actually beautiful so - recommendation to stay here if you're ever passing through!  It's right by all the major sites - and you will get lovely views of abandon warehouses and empty lots to boot!  Ah - there's another western reference!

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