Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This Is What Spring Should Look Like

This morning I went out running and saw things that I had forgotten were synonymous with spring... 
It makes me so sad to know that Ill be going home tomorrow and won't be seeing this.  But on the plus side - we still have this to come!  Unless spring skips us altogether and just moves into summer?  NO!  It CAN'T do that!!!!!!:(

Today is the big event- woohoo.. The vendor exhibits.  It's mid day now and it's been deathly slow.  The CEO has even come around to all of us and apologized for it being so slow.  My boss and I have been bonding - it's been quite productive in that way.  It actually will go nowhere but down from here - 3 more hours and more boredom. Here's the pose of a bored cowgirl working a vendor show.  Just leaning on the back table emailing and trying to do actual work.  Yawn.  BTW - you should see my boss' outfit -it's like Black Bart meets western town law man.  We're quite a Weiman pair, and surprisingly one of the only booths wearing outfits (totally unusual!  We never do and everyone else usually does.)

More about Nashville - One of the things that is joined with the hotel were at is the Country Music Hall of Fame.  And on the hall going that way is the Hatch Printing Press (just moved from their original location on the Main Street).  They printed tons of the oldies but goodies posters for lots of different acts like Will Rogers and Minnie Pearl and everything.  Now it's in this nice new building and you can watch them makes posters and things and take a tour.  Pretty cool.

I was supposed to do dinner with a friend on Monday night who has just moved to Nashville but she had to cancel.  She and her husband are picking me up tonight and we're going to one of the top restaurants in Nashville!  The foodie in me is quite excited!:)

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