Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Yay! Sales Meetings!

In case you didnt realize, that title was sarcasm at its finest.

First day of a sales meeting that we didnt need to get to until tomorrow as SOMEBODY read the schedule wrong (another fine example of sarcasm as that somebody was NOT me)....  Our vendor exhibits don't show until tomorrow.  So today we've been catching workshops.  One of them was actually applicable (Healthcare Infection) and I did learn from it, even though it was given by one of our major competitors.  The second one was by HIDA about healthcare reimbursement initiatives.  Boring... The basic jist that I learned was something I already knew all about - government/healthcare today is totally screwed up and redundantly tedious to those who try to work with it.  

We're sitting in an awards luncheon now and I'm choosing to not fall asleep so I'm making good use of my time by blogging.    The plus here was that lunch was amazing!  Awards luncheons at these things are usually bland and mass produced - this one was completely fresh and tastes almost as good as the 5 star restaurant we dined at last night!  Being the foodie that I am, I'm still looking at my empty plate sadly and that's a crazy concept for a sales meeting meal!

This afternoon - finish setting up booth.  And then shop for one more piece to complete my western wear theme outfit for the booth tomorrow.  I was told to expense stuff so expense I will!  The idea of shopping makes the idea of standing at an exhibitors booth all day tomorrow - tolerable:)

Commentary - were having the meeting in the new Nashville Music Center which is absolutely beautiful!  It's right across from our hotel and today from the top floor, I got to see the pool at the Omni which makes me sad I didn't bring my swimsuit.  It's so awesome I'd love to swim there just to experience it!  Not a great pict compared to the actual view but I tried... Imagine it ten times more amazing than what you're seeing in the picture!

Later in the afternoon I walked down to the Main Street (Broadway) just to find something to put our raffle prizes in.  I wound up getting a cowboy hat for the raffle and a cowboy hat for me to wear tomorrow (well see how long I keep it on).

You walk around the downtown area and you're accosted by boots and hats on every corner in every shop!

And next to the hotel, I found something that some might call an oxymoron...

Off to the evening festivities - vendor only session (I think it's where they tell us what we should be doing better to help them... 
Then big hoe down party - free eats that are actually pretty good and an open bar with these amazing "rocktails".   The country band playing is old and loud, but not bad.  

And all these women walking around in their newly purchased cowboy boots (some can pull it off - some - not...).  It looks like everyone is getting in the western way for the vendor exhibits tomorrow.  Yee-haw!

Oh -one more crazy thing we saw this afternoon... Police practice repelling down the side of the building across from the Music Center.

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Karl said...

I would pay good money for that 'boots' poster . . . :)