Sunday, April 27, 2014

Never Ending

I had a blissful Friday and Saturday at least local!  Friday I got a lot of home front stuff done and Saturday was wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable!:). And now I'm back on the road to the airport for a crazy, not one week, but almost two weeks of crazy.  

Tonight I'm on my way to Tampa (I keep on forgetting and saying I'm going to Orlando...) where there's another sales meeting.  This one will be even worse than last week as it will be just as boring and uneventful - without the free parties and drinks... At least I get to spend a few days with my boss again though!:). LOL....

My happy place of the day - my upgrade on this flight to first class!  My yuck of the day -I just booked a flight for the end of May and had worked out the whole schedule with the rep, only to have him text me today and say "oops - May 26th is Memorial Day".  Blech - now I don't know if I'm going to keep the flight or try and rebook with an up charge on the fare.  I'm sure my new friends in San Fran, Willie and Lillie, would love to see me, but I kind of want to be home so well see.

Oh - and another yuck - I'm sitting in a taxi with a driver who has bathed in some type if potently horrible cologne and now my head is splitting.  When in doubt - don't douse... :(

Hope everyone's weekend has been amazing!

..... Note - it's 2:12 am in Tampa on Monday morning - we just landed:). Plane problems, switch planes, weather... Never ending...!

And one more btw... This is why I never check my bags...:(. 45 minutes and they're still not coming out but I had to check this week since I had to pack liquids for almost 2 weeks.  Which means Ill have to stand at baggage at least 2 more times before I'm done with my liquids!

And yet one more btw - I got to the taxi and showed him the hotel I wa going to and he just looked at me and said "I can bring you there if you really want me to!" And so then I look at the hotel and am like "is there something wro.... D'oh!  We're in Tampa - not Orlando!"  Yes - I've been thinking Orlando and Orlando convention center is what I booked!  I am on the way to the Marriott in Tampa now and just praying they do have a room for tonight!

And it continues... I'm not crazy - I had booked Orlando because I was going to work over there... But I had booked the Marriott, I had just done so with a group rate so it did didnt pull up with my number.  So then they find that reservation and cancel the other res I just made and he tells me because of my status he's giving me a top floor corner room with balcony - all these nice sounding things and then he goes to make my key - and apparently between 3am and 3:15am the key system goes down so he couldn't make my key because he literally went to make it at 3am:). LOL!  So he ended up having up walk me up himself and we had a nice chat along the way on how he lived in Chicago for 7 years right by the United center but never saw a Bulls or Blackhawks game - but he's a huge Cubs fan!  Ah - 3:09am and now I can't do anything but laugh because... Well, it 3am!  What else could I be doing at 3 am!:)

3:15am - my keys were shoved under my door all nicely advertising the business of the year for the IMCO convention!

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