Monday, April 14, 2014


I'm excited this morning!  We're in Cozumel and the excursion that Dawn wanted to go on was Tulum!  I love Tulum!  The last time I cruised I did Tulum but it was far from fun as my friend Danielle didn't want to go so I went by myself which is never as fun.  Then I had camera problems so I didn't get but one shot.  I also got sunburned really really badly.  It was just a long string of yucky stuff that made my last visit to Tulum- well, yucky.  SO I'm pretty excited that I get to redo it and that I get to experience it with Dawn!

It's 7:45 right now - we're sitting in the place where we had our muster station and we're waiting to go with the group.  It's an early morning and will be a long day but it will be worth it!

8:15 and we are now on the ferry from Cozumel being transported to Playa Del Carmen and are being briefed by a nice little Mayan gentleman who habitually uses the word "guys".... "The exit is in the back guys.  Guys watch your heads guys.  Guys the bathrooms, guys, are in the back and front, guys".... I had to stop listening because I started laughing.  Makes me wonder how often I use the word "guys"?...

The bus ride to Tulum was about 45 minutes.  Our tour guide talked about Mayan culture all the way and then got us to Tulum and gave about a 30 minute tour and then let us off in our own.  Her English was amazing and her tour was just great.  I definitely paid more attention to get than my last tour guide, but I think it helped that there was a nice breeze coming off the ocean.

We had to walk about 10 minutes from the bus to the Tulum entry and when we got there, there was a big replica of the city where our guide showed us what we'd see.  It stuck my funny bone when she said "and here is where the end of the tour is.  Here is where I'm going to finish with human sacrifice and astronomy."   And then she got this look on her face and said "no, no- I mean I'm going to TALK about human sacrifice and astronomy".  Of course no one else thought it was funny like I did - I tend to be the one still laughing 10 minutes later at faux pas like that.  :). You have to admit that is a funny thought - finishing with human sacrifice from a tour group.  I'm sure sometimes she only wishes!

We then walked down to Tulum itself - this is the entry into Tulum - it's little just like the Mayan people... I think she said it was 5 feet tall which would be the tallest Mayan man.

When we first got into Tulum, Lille, our guide, walked up to the first site and these iguanas were sunning themselves and they literally ran over to her.  She said she always brings them a treat, usually a hibiscus flower.  She had one and she threw it to them - there was one greedy iguana that pushed the others aside and grabbed it.  It reminded me of the buffet line on the boat at lunch:)

Dawn and I then just walked around Tulum and down to the water before heading back to the taco/margarita place right before the bus. Btw - if you're ever in Tulum and stop at the taco place, do not get the fish tacos, extremely bland!  On the other hand, Dawns beef tacos were amazing.  They had this awesome curry flavor.  Ok - back to Picts from Tulum which I was actually able to get this time!

Lille was nice enough to take our pict so we held het little bus sign which was blowing away in the wind.

I liked this one - if you look closely in the front of the pict - it's apparently an ancient Mayan sprinkler system?...

The ocean was spectacular!  It's this amazing tri color blue!

Rules are made to be broken!  That's my philosophy:). (Btw - I wasn't really sitting on the little rope for anyone who might be concerned I really am bad..:)

4:23 now - on the ferry headed back to Cozumel.  I actually had to work for about 15 minutes:(. I had a conference call with a hospital in CA and I had been concerned that something would happen that I wouldn't be able to phone in, but all went well.  Extremely good call with an extremely good prospective customer - such a good customer they made sure to tell me to have a Mai tai for them!  I told them I'd have two!:)

We're actually exhausted and sweaty and ready to just get back to it little tiny stateroom (why do they call it a stateroom?  It's nowhere near the size of a state and if it has something to do with a "state" of mind - that's a pretty sad state of mind... Just thoughts I have:)

Tonight -dinner and then we're coming back to shower and watch a movie!

Is this what normal-people vacation is like?....
I kind of like it:)

Another side note - ok, maybe two...
First of all - in case you didn't know, The Love Boat was actually a Princess boat (Pacific Princess), so the Princess tv broadcast plays continuous Love Boat episodes.  Thought that was funny because I honestly didnt even know the Love Boat was affiliated with an actual cruise line!

Second - we got back in time for dinner again tonight and so we were once again at our table by Willy and Lilly!  And I'm even more in love with them!:). They are SO sweet and they just love each other so much - and they love everyone around them and its just contagious.  I can't wait to have dinner with them 5 more nights!

Oh - and I met a crew member tonight that I ended up chatting with for a while - from Hungary!  Seget in fact where another one of my friends is from.  

Small boat!  Interesting boat!

Now back to vacation!

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