Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bon Voyage!

Dawn and I left the hotel around 11 and after a 45 minute drive arrived at the port.  Totally different than my cruise before as New Orleans port shares with other ships and its basically in the city.  The Houston port is in the middle of a field and I think there's only Princess Cruises where we are.  All I know was when we drove up - this is what we saw....
A field - and a big boat in the field:)

We wandered around the boat for a while  and explored the ship.  The sun popped in out and, but sadly more in and no matter how much begging was done it refused to come back out....

Strolling on deck is just not as enjoyable as in the sun, but stroll we did.

After 3 we were allowed down to our room to settle in a bit.  It's one of those inside rooms where, if you didn't have a clock, you'd never know the time of day. Nice for sleeping - bad for sleeping.  Last time my friend Danielle and I found ourselves waking up at almost noon just because we were window deprived!

By 3:30 we all had to be to our muster stations ( that always makes me laugh - sounds like its a sandwich bar -- mayo, muster, etc).  They trained us in important things like not throwing our cigarettes overboard and they talked about naked flames (which being a kindergartner, it made me laugh because - well, they talked about naked flames....:).  But - good news is - Dawn and I have been trained on our life jackets and we're feeling safe!

And now it's 5:30 and were finally pulling out! 

Bon voyage!!!!!

Side note - it's pretty cool to walk and see staff with their name badges and countries from all over the world.  I like to see how many countries I've been to.  Stopped counting today but I did see a unique one that I've been to - Macedonia.  I told him I was just there last fall and he just smiled really big.  

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