Sunday, April 20, 2014

Here Are The Two Days You Missed

Because I had no more Internet minutes on the ship and would have had to pay quite a bit more for additional, I had decided to let the blog lay silent for our last two days at sea.

We it back from Belize and went to dinner where Dawn talked about how she's been craving chips since the beginning of the week.  We headed back to our room and watched a movie and about 9:30 our phone rings and Lillie asks if they can stop by our room quick.  They come about 5 minutes later and they drop off...
That's just how absolutely sweet they are!!!!!!:)

We then had a complete day of rest on the boat on Thursday.  It was beautiful weather and I laid out from morning until night - Dawn joined me for a few hours and we actually hung out with Lillie and Willie watching life go by at the pool and just chatting.

Thursday night brought the second "formal" dinner and our last night to see the "...illies":)

And we had to bid adieu to our two waiters, Beni (from India) and Luis (from Mexico).  They were both splendid waiters and totally knew what we wanted before we even asked for it!  

We don't get fancy so often so have to get as many Picts as possible when we do:)

Friday we slept late as the weather was supposed to overcast and cooler.  We ended up having breakfast with Lillie and talked forever and then wandered around decks for a while.  There's nothing like letting the wind whip through your hair on the putting green on the 18th deck!

Packing had to be done as we had to have our bags out before dinner.

And then we headed back up deck where we watched half of "Top Gun",

Then ate dinner and then headed to get massages!  The best way to end such a vacation!

And that's pretty much what you missed - or didnt miss.  But now you know our whole entire week!

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Karl said...

you got some sun!