Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day At Sea

Sunday.  Beautiful Sunday!  I believe this is the first "day of rest" Sunday I've had in years and years.  We had absolutely nothing - NOTHING to do!  It was a complete shock to my brain and my body, but there was this little voice in me that said to body and brain, quite loudly - Deal with it!  And so deal with it I did.

For as dark as our room was, between Dawns and my inner clocks, we were up at 8:30 and getting ready to head down to breakfast.  A quick stop at the cafe for my morning breve latte and then we headed to the main dining room.  Past walls of glass that looked out on the vast ocean that seemingly want nowhere, we just had to stop and gape in awe.... And then some nice old gentleman offered to take our pict and we were happy to have one together!

After breakfast I immediately hit the sun deck while Dawn went back to charge.  I'd like to say there was some exciting adventure we had in the afternoon, but this was it...!

The evening brought the first of two "formal" dinners.  The last cruise I was on, the "formal" meant that people got out of their jeans and out khakis on.  This ship - they're serious when they say formal.  Well, I suppose relatively serious, not like tux serious but pretty close.

They offer places all over the ship where you can have your portrait taken on formal evening and Dawn really wanted to so I complied and we stopped to have our picture taken.  We were kind of laughing at all the couples having their portraits taken and we were mimicking their stances.  It got to us and we did a normal pose and then he wanted us up out our arms around each others waists and look at each other.  You should have seen the looks on our faces and the immediate "we're just friends!"  The line of people that had been standing behind us was absolutely dying with laughter.  I didn't really notice until Dawn pointed it out but I think now we'll definitely be known as the women who are "just friends!"  Hopefully we get a good friends pict out of it too.  In the meantime, here's our own snap - it's our "just friends" pose:)

Our evening dining setting we chose a table for two, but our table is right next to another with only a small glass partition between us.  The chair side is seated right next to the neighboring chair but the bench side you can't see the next table.  So night one, Dawn was seated in the chair and just started a chat with the woman next to us primarily because she saw them praying.  Their names are Willy and Lilly.  They also mentioned today was Lilly's birthday.  There was something about them we liked so because of that and it was her birthday and because - well, I really like flowers... I suggested and Dawn was happy to oblige with getting a little bouquet of birthday flowers for Lilly's birthday.  She absolutely loved them and I got to sit next to her tonight so we got to chat.  I LOVE to get people's stories and so after a short discussion where she expounded a little on who they were I found out they were not only believers, but he was the pr of a small church outside of San Francisco.  I ended up asking their faith story because I love hearing how people came to Christ - it was such a touchingly sweet story.  Basically they used to work on Wall Street, they tried and tried to get pregnant -got pregnant and were told the baby was dying.  She carried full term, had the baby and the baby died the next day.  Willy had accepted Christ a few weeks before and the pr who talked to him asked to visit Lilly, shared the gospel with her and she accepted.  She said that she had so many questions before, why did God take her baby, etc, and when she accepted Christ she said it was like this total blanket of peace covered her.  That was 19 years ago.  Willy left Wall Street and went to seminary.  They're both Puerto Rican so he now pastors a church in CA in a predominately Spanish speaking area.  We talked about Bible studies and food pantries and all kinds if ministries and blessings and I've totally fallen in love with these two amazingly beautiful people!!!!  Lilly had asked if I've ever been to San Fran and I had to laugh - when she found out I go there often she was so excited and was insistent that I come and stay with them and she'll cook Puerto Rican food for me- and what she described I do not want to miss:)!

Oh, Willy is now working on his doctorate.  It will probably take him 5 years or so but good for him!  His dissertation is going to be on revival in the church.  We ran into them again at a show we went to see and he talked a bit more about his thesis and all.  Pretty interesting.

So tomorrow is our shore excursion in Cozumel.  Can't wait!  It seems I got a little more sun than I figured today:)  So tomorrow will be an SPF 30 day:). Dawn is probably medium well - just a touch of pink:)

We have an 8am day tomorrow so - good night from our very very rocky boat!

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